Advertising puns

Puns and plays on word are always fun. Here are a few I’ve found out in the wild, doing their best to amuse human brains for long enough to separate the amused from their money.


Cumming blended on the menu of a curry restaurant

Cumingly Blended – Seen on the menu at Zaal Curry in Purley. I’m not actually sure if this was fiendishly clever or just down to the second rate English skills of the menu creator.


Ewe've Pulled to advertise pulled lamb sandwiches

Ewe’ve pulled. Here’s one from the High Street in Canterbury. Get your coat, you’ve pulled.


sign with grammar error

Pour Mans Lunch – Playing on mine and other people’s desire to point out bad grammar and incorrect use of homophones. This cafe in Bath exploited the English pedant in me.


coffees is free

First five coffees everyday is free –


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