Is Google’s Digital Garage worth it?

I recently completed Google’s online Marketing Fundamentals course. It consists of 106 online lessons divided into 26 modules. The lessons cover everything from optimising your site for search and email marketing, to paid search, display ads, content marketing, online strategy, e-commerce, Analytics and social media.

At the end of each module there’s a test which you need to complete. If you feel confident with the topic you can skip straight to the test without watching the videos. This is really useful if you’re already familiar with digital marketing and are just looking for a refresher.

After you’ve completed all 26 modules, you can take the final test for which Google will bestow upon you a lovely certificate, like mine, which you can see above.

Obviously, one of the main objectives of this course is to drive more business to Google and sell display ads through Adwords and their other marketing tools, like Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and Google Global Market Finder.

But as well as that, it’s also great for getting a good grounding in digital marketing. The real targets of this course are small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to promote themselves online. However, I found it to be a really useful refresher course. I could quickly go over the things I already knew and then slow down for the things I didn’t and take a bit more time over them.

All told, it probably took me about four hours to complete the course and get my coveted certificate. The way the modules are organised meant I could log on whenever I had 15 or 20 minutes spare and study a bit here and there.

It’s definitely something I’d recommend it to anyone either looking to get into digital marketing or someone who just needs to brush up on their skills.

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