What do copywriters do?


What do copywriters do?

As any copywriter will know, we normally spend our days doing one or both of the following things.

You’re either tasked with taking complicated, convoluted, highfalutin, overly long, jargon-heavy, unintelligible, corporate messaging and reducing it down to one customer-friendly sentence, or you’re presented with a blank space and asked quite simply to fill it. Fill it, yes, with what, with words, which words, I don’t know, you’re the copywriter, they say blankly as they shrug their shoulders.

On occasion, you might get a vague hint as to what you’re expected
to write in this space. More often than not, however, it will be just a request from some friendly graphic designer, who, having created a beautiful layout, tells you that he is in need of 287 characters including spaces to complete his work of art.

The first part of the copywriter’s role requires an insightful understanding, determining exactly what it is that needs to be said and how best to say it. You often find yourself, cutting a word here or substituting another there, and tweaking away for hours until you’ve sculpted the perfect piece of copy.

The second part is much more a testament to and test of your creativity. You’re almost required to shake your head over the paper (or keyboard) as if, somehow, it were an inexhaustible, idea-filled pepper sprinkler. Eventually it should bring forth something functional, which is pleasurable enough to read and gives the illusion of being necessary.

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