all about me


I've worked as copywriter for many years in various industries ranging from travel and loyalty, to finance and currency exchange. I've created effective brand communications including crm emails, web copy and marketing material for both b2b and b2c audiences. I've worked with big brands like Virgin Atlantic, Avios and, helping to invigorate their communications and maintain a consistent tone of voice.

I'm also pretty good with some Adobe products like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Lightroom.

Before that...

Before that, I was an English foreign language teacher in Italy for about ten years, explaining the present perfect and modal verbs to groups of Italians at private schools and universities. Doing this gave me a really good understanding of all the ins and outs and fiddly bits of English grammar, like the split infinitives, run on sentences and adjectival phrases. I also speak fluent Italian and cook quite well.

And before that...

I got a degree in English literature and Philosophy (very deep) and I've always been interested in story telling and how words can influence people.

And a bit more recently

I completed Google's Digital Garage course online and then wrote an article about what I thought of it.